Bachelor of Computers Applications (BCA)

Best BCA College Of Lucknow.

A dynamic program that concentrates on creating a link between theory &
practice, and provides a sound academic base that can support an advanced career

in Computer Applications, and provide a foundation of computing principles
blended with the latest industry and business best practices. Fast growing information technology and communication systems have become critical components of almost every company’s strategic plan. Companies who want to take advantage of the new information technologies and communication systems require expert professionals who can apply Computer Science principles to solve problems produced by the interface between business and technology.

Our BCA program exposes students to various areas of Computer Applications including the latest developments in the industry, at an undergraduate level. The program imparts comprehensive knowledge with equal emphasis on theory and practice in the field of information technology. A BCA graduate would be able to demonstrate advanced skills in the effective analysis, design and realization of business systems utilizing contemporary information technology. The broad objective of the program is to provide sound academic base from which an advanced career in Computer Applications can be developed. Conceptual grounding in computer usage as well as its practical business application will be provided making candidates suitable for IT sector entry-level jobs

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